Smart Cards & Season Tickets

Apply here to take the hassle out of bus travel. We can offer a variety of options if you wish to pay in advance of travel and take advantage of discounts to normal fares.

Smart Cards: Like the Oyster Card in London, you put money on the card and then use it to pay the driver (at a discounted rate), these can be used for either single or return journeys on the services listed below.

Season Ticket: Pay for a particular trip that you may do on a regular basis, e.g. to work or school. The ticket will last for at least 8 weeks and is only valid for the journey/route you specify.

Full details of prices and discount levels are available on the form itself.

  1. Click the link opposite to download the form.
  2. Print the form out, fill it in and post to us. For SMART CARDS you need to include a cheque for the first top up amount. This can be any amount you like with a minimum of £20.  To make the first payment by debit card call 01935 475872.
  3. We will send the Smart Card back to you ready to use.
  4. Pay the driver as and when you wish to top up your credit. SMART CARDS ONLY.

Services Covered

The following services will accept Smart Cards from Monday 9th July 2014:

  • 1 - Yeovil - Shepton Mallet (Only available on some buses - Please check availabilty)
  • 11 - Yeovil Town Service
  • 52 - Yeovil - Martock - Bower Hinton
  • 68 - Yeovil Town Service & Barwick, also serves Yeovil Junction & Pen Mill train stations
  • 70 - Yeovil Town Service - Wyndham Park
  • 81 - Yeovil - South Petherton
  • 96 - Crewkerne - Chard-Taunton
  • 206 - Weymouth - Wyke Regis
  • 212 - Dorchester - Yeovil
  • X2 - Gillingham - Shaftesbury
  • X3 - Shaftesbury - Blandford
  • X4 - Sturminster - Gillingham - Bourton
  • X11 - Yeovil - Sherborne - Dorchester
  • 667 - Street - Castle Cary - Wincanton

Smartcard - Terms & Conditions

  • All members of a household are entitled to apply for a discount Smartcard.
  • Once you are issued with the Smartcard, you will be able to travel with a 20% discount on all South West Coaches service buses fitted with a compatible ticket machine (most of our services).
  • You should always carry an alternative method of payment (cash). If, due to vehicle breakdown or other operational issues, a bus does not have a compatible ticket machine then payment MUST be made using an alternative method (cash).
  • The minimum top up must be paid when first applying for the Smartcard
  • Further tops ups can be carried out on the bus using cash or a cheque. The maximum amount that can be added to the card at any one time is £200.
  • The Smartcard cannot be used for any Tours, Excursions or Private Hire Bookings.
  • Drivers and officials of South West Coaches may inspect the Smartcard at any time and they must be shown on request.
  • All Smartcards remain the property of South West Coaches. We reserve the right to withdraw individual Smartcards at any time.
  • The registered holder of a Smartcard agrees to keep us informed of any change of address by sending an email to with details of your old address and your new address. This will enable contact to be made to issue a replacement for a lost Smartcard or return a found Smartcard (if not cancelled).
  • Smartcards are not transferable and can only be used by the person the card is issued to.
  • A registration form must be completed before a card is issued. South West Coaches may refuse to issue a Smartcard at its discretion.
  • Damaged or lost Smartcards can be replaced. A minimum fee of £20 per card will be charged for each replacement Smartcard. Please be aware that any credit on the lost / damaged card can only be transferred to the replacement card once it has been validated using an issued ticket check on our system.
  • If we believe your Smartcard has been tampered with in any way we may withdraw it from use. A driver or other official of South West Coaches is entitled to retain any Smartcard which they believe has been tampered with, is being misused or which has become electronically unreadable. Where a card has become corrupt, we will replace it.

Smart Card

Wanting to apply for a Smart card to save money. Download the application form below by clicking the 'APPLY' button.

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