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AS FROM THE 1ST JANUARY 2024 WE WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERING A 20% DISCOUNT WITH OUR SMARTCARDS. You can still use the Smartcard as a purse to store money to pay for tickets without the discount.


Smartcards: Like the Oyster Card in London, you put money on the card and then use it to pay the driver these can be used for all types of fares on our services.


To Apply For A Smartcard


  1. Click the link opposite to complete your application form online.

  2. Alternatively, call our offices on 01935 475872 to request a paper form, fill it in and post it back to us. 

  3. We will send the Smartcard out to you with the instructions to activate and top up the card.

  4. You can top up the Smartcard online or on the bus. 

  5. The Smartcard can be used on any of our service buses fitted with a ticket machine. 



Smartcard - Terms & Conditions


  • All members of a household are entitled to apply for a Smartcard.

  • Once you are issued with the Smartcard, you will be able to travel on all South West Coaches service buses fitted with a compatible ticket machine (most of our services). 

  • You should always carry an alternative method of payment (cash). If, due to vehicle breakdown or other operational issues, a bus does not have a working ticket machine then payment MUST be made using an alternative method (cash).

  • The maximum amount that can be added to the card at any one time is £50.

  • The Smartcard cannot be used for any Tours, Excursions or Private Hire Bookings.

  • Drivers and officials of South West Coaches may inspect the Smartcard at any time and they must be shown on request.

  • South West Coaches reserve the right to withdraw the Smartcard facility at any time.

  • Smartcards are not transferable and can only be used by the person the card is issued to.

  • An application form must be completed before a card is issued. South West Coaches may refuse to issue a Smartcard at its discretion.

  • Damaged or lost Smartcards can be replaced. A minimum fee of £10 per card will be charged for each replacement Smartcard. 

  • If we believe your Smartcard has been tampered with in any way we may withdraw it from use. A driver or other official of South West Coaches is entitled to retain any Smartcard which they believe has been tampered with, is being misused or which has become electronically unreadable. Where a card has become corrupt, we will replace it.

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